10 Awesome Ways to Have Fun With Your Spouse!

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  1. Couple’s Bible Study


My husband and I are going to start a Bible study this weekend and we plan to pick one together from the list available on https://www.dougbrittonbooks.com/onlinebiblestudies-marriageinformationandadvice/



  1. Bike Ride (Motorcycle)

My husband and I like scratch that LOVE to ride the motorcycle together. It’s a great way for us to be together and also clear our heads from the crazy in our lives. It’s a way that we spend time together without really having to say much. We just simply enjoy each other’s company.


  1. Workout Together

This could mean going to the gym together or it could just mean going for a walk/run together. My husband and I have really opposite schedules so when we can squeeze in some gym time or a short walk, we jump at the chance. This could also mean just tackling a workout routine at home together. Either way, it’s good to get up and get moving.


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4. Nerf Wars

Sometimes it can just be fun to act like children and have a good old-fashioned Nerf gun fight. I personally recommend these:

http://Nerf gun choice 1


http://nerf gun choice 2


  1. Play cards (card games)

Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out at home and play some cards. There are many options.

Here are a couple that we like to play together:





6. Hiking

This is a great way to get active and be outdoors all while being together. This one is on my to-do list with my husband. We both have a love for the great outdoors so I feel like we would love this one.


  1. Coffee, Ice-cream, Smoothie Date

We personally do Starbucks dates or smoothie dates. Since we are trying to be a little healthier at the moment, smoothie dates are more practical for us. What are some of your favorite smoothie combos? Someone help me branch out from my strawberry/banana smoothie. I’m not very adventurous in the smoothie department.


  1. Try a New Food

This one is more for my hubs than me. I’m just not very brave and daring when it comes to trying new foods. He, on the other hand, will eat anything at least once. I can say though through our 11+ year relationship, he has made me try a lot of new foods that I actually enjoy.



  1. Fishing date

I realize there are a lot of outdoor suggestions on here but that’s just we personally prefer. One of our absolute favorite date nights is heading out to the fishing dock kid free and hanging out (hopefully catching some fishies).


  1. Couples Massage

This is another one on my list of things to do. We have both gotten massages just never together. I think it would amazing to hang out together and just relax.



I encourage you all to spend time with your spouses doing something other than just watching television. Dating your spouse is one of the absolute best ways to make your marriage stronger. My hubs and I try to have “us” time twice a month. I would love to be able to go every week but babysitters are hard to find sometimes. Even if you stay home, put those babies to bed and enjoy each other.


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