“ME TIME” for Moms!

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This post was inspired by a recent conversation with a friend. She reached out to me from inside her closet….literally. I couldn’t help but flash back to myself two weeks ago. How many of us, as moms, find ourselves locked in the closet with a bottle of wine and some tears? I’m guilty. There are definitely days when my kids have pushed every single button I have.

As moms and wives, we tend to put our own wants/needs on the back burner. We make sure our husbands and children are happy and thriving, which is great, but what about us? Ask yourself this question…..What have I done for ME lately? That question shouldn’t make you feel guilty. How can we be the best wives and moms if we don’t take care of ourselves?!

I’ve compiled a list of self-care tactics that I would advise any mom to use.

Schedules are important! 

No matter what anyone tells you, schedules are important. In fact, they are life-saving! I have a paper planner that I use all day, every day!


It keeps me on track and lets me know what events or activities I have that day. It also helps me schedule time for myself which is my next point!

Schedule Time For Yourself!

You can see in my planner that I schedule time for myself every day. I turn on a movie for my kids or send them outside and I either take a hot bath with a bath bomb or I go in my room and read. I do one of the two everyday no matter what. I also schedule one outing by myself every week, even it’s going to the grocery store alone, I’M ALONE!!!!

I’m a stay at home mom and I home school my girls so I have them 24/7. It is vital for my sanity that I make time for myself. Otherwise, I find myself resenting my life, my children, my husband, etc. I’m not a hard person to please. Literally going for a walk by myself is a victory! Your alone time does not have to be some spectacular event. It can be simple.

Pamper Yourself!

This one may seem a little bit absurd. However, I’ve found allowing my self to get my hair or nails done once a month makes a massive difference in my mood and my performance in life. I do better when I feel better about myself.

Another option would be a massage. Allowing yourself to get a weekly or monthly massage is something that can help you relax and unwind and come out refreshed on the other side, which is also vital for us to be great moms and wives. Between house work, yard work, and chasing kids I wear myself out completely and taking time for myself helps me gather myself up and prepare for the coming week!

Write A Journal!

If you’re not a big reader, perhaps a journal would more your speed. Obviously I like to write hence the blog. However, you don’t have to be a blogger to keep a journal. I find journaling to be relaxing and it serves as a way for me to vent without venting to a person. I can write literally anything in my journal because no one will ever see it. I write my frustrations and worries as well as my victories and celebrations! The great thing about a journal is there are no rules! If you’re angry at your spouse or a friend, you can write about it. I find it helpful to write mine like I’m talking specifically to someone. I like to get my journals from several different places because I like variety.





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