If you’ve ever moved before in your life then you know how ridiculously time-consuming it can be. We only moved three doors down from where we were and it has taken us forever to get completely moved.

STEP 1. Demolition

We had to get the new house ready! This meant ripping up all the old flooring that had been destroyed by the previous tenant and her 947,000 animals. (EW) They house was left full of trash and we had to clear all of that out.

STEP 2.  Painting

We had to completely repaint the entire house because the walls were disgusting and let’s face it, a fresh coat of paint really does help.

STEP 3. Make it livable

Once we got it all cleaned out, we had to bleach and seal the cement floors because aforementioned animals pottied everywhere! After all floors were sealed, it was go time! We laid new flooring once walls were painted and then began the process of fixing anything else we could find.


On to the kitchen! We had to rip out the old stove and oven and we cut out some cabinets to fit a new stove/oven. We had to scrape paint off of the kitchen tile. We had to lay tile under the refrigerator as well as fix the back doors.


After the weeks of working on the house to get it ready to move into, we finally got to start moving. (PS We have way too much stuff) Thankfully, we had lots of help from family and friends.)

STEP 6. Try to find everything

We were super blessed to have so much help getting moved into the new house however, finding all of our belongings since then has been a nightmare. I know it’s all down here but where on Earth did it get put?

Nevertheless, we are officially moved in!!!!!!

Home School Momma

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We dipped our toes into the world of homeschooling this year.

My family and I recently moved to be closer to family but in doing so we are in a less-than-appealing school district now. We turned to a program offered in the state of Oklahoma called, Epic Charter Schools. It is online public school which allows us to homeschool our children at our own pace. We started the year off kind of rocky when we tried the online curriculum offered by the school. Needless to say, it wasn’t going well. With the help of her awesome teacher, we tried out some work books. I wasn’t exactly certain where to look. I took to the internet (thank ya Google) to find books without spending an arm and a leg and here’s what I found:

DK Math Work Book

DK Language Arts Work Book

DK Spelling Work Book

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Mind you these are just a few of the books we used and they are for 1st grade. I just can’t reiterate enough how much these books have helped my daughter in her home school journey.

I fully plan to use the second grade books this fall and perhaps add a few new ones to the mix. I just can’t rave enough about these books and how user friendly they are. If you don’t know where to turn for home school materials, I highly recommend this brand!

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Gotta Have Faith!

    Christ has the means to walk us through anything in life. We merely have to let Him. Now, I know that we’ve all heard that a million times. Every pastor I’ve ever had has told me that. Why, then, do we choose not to believe that it is so? For me, personally, I just let my mind play tricks on me and let the enemy convince me that I’m wrong or that I’m not enough. John 11:40 says “Then, Jesus said ‘Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” There is this word we Christians like to use. It’s quite common and seems to be overlooked often.

    That word is FAITH! Why is it we put so much of our faith in our spouse or our jobs or a car, etc but when it comes time to put our faith in God, we flee? There are many a scripture in the Bible that tell us to trust God and have faith, yet do we obey? The other day someone asked me if I have faith in God and as usual I replied, “yes.” After I got home, I let myself sit and ponder that for awhile. Do I really have faith in God? Do I allow Him to perform miracles in my life? Do I seek out His guidance? Do I ask Him for the things I need? Do I praise Him? I’m by no means the perfect Christian and after asking myself those questions, I realized I sound like I don’t know Jesus at all. To clarify, yes I am saved and yes I believe in the Bible. I just struggle with the flesh side of life whereby my faith sometimes wavers. I feel like that’s true for many Christians in that it is a battle everyday; it’s also a choice everyday whether or not to put our faith and trust in the Lord.

    My goals for the next few weeks is to dive into the Word of God and let Him reveal to me the areas that need work. I want God to show me where my faith is lacking. I challenge you all to do the same. I truly feel like this will be life changing. Feel free to leave me comments about what amazing things God is doing in your life! 






Most parents have had the unrelenting joy of experiencing the terrible two’s and three’s. I’m no different. In fact, I’m going to tell you about a few instances when being 3 was just too hard.


I have two daughters and my oldest is 6. I didn’t really experience the terrible 3’s with her. My second daughter, however, holy mac-n-cheese! She turned 3 in November and it has been a tornado of emotions and sass ever since. ( Lord Jesus help me!) Part of it has to do with her hilarious and goofy personality that has my husband and I (and just about everyone else) completely wrapped. She’s the baby of our family and the youngest grand-kid. (spoiled much?) That being said, she has some interesting moments.


3 is just too hard moment #1


My family and I were getting ready for church, just like we do every Sunday. However, this particular Sunday was different for some reason. I told her to come to me so I could change her Pull-Up and she immediately melted into the floor. Then I put pants on her but they were the wrong pants. Then when I thought we might make it through, (NOPE) I put the wrong shoes on her. How was I supposed to know that on this particular beautifully sunny day that she would want to wear snow boots instead of the cute sandals mommy picked out? (Don’t worry no one was harmed during this escapade)


3 is just too hard moment #2


Homegirl is testing mommy today! When asked to pick up the toys in the backyard so the dog wouldn’t chew them, she simply said “let him eat them, I don’t want to clean it.” Excuse me WHAT? Next I asked them to pick up their bedroom because there were little pieces in the floor. (again didn’t want the dog to chew them) She responded by shoving everything under the bed with the help of big sister. When I confronted them, she said “mom you can’t see it so it’s clean.” Where on earth does she get this stuff?


3 is just too hard moment #3


Potty training this child has been a nightmare since day 1. She knows how to use the toilet but is simply to lazy. She would rather poop her pants and then come to me crying because she doesn’t want to be in trouble…..Child IF YOU USE THE TOILET THERE IS NO TROUBLE!!!!

If you ask her why she didn’t use the potty she typically responds “because I didn’t”. I have tried every method under the sun to get this kid toilet trained. We’ve done praising and dancing and prizes and bribery, and candy, and you name it, I’ve tried it. (any other ideas moms?) The other day she comes in from the bedroom and says “mom don’t be mad but I crapped my pants a little.” From my sweet little princesses mouth come these words. My response = hysterical laughter of course. How could I not? Imagine this wee little toddler coming to you and saying um I think I crapped my pants a little bit with the straightest, cutest face. It’s absurd!


And even after all of that, I even touched on the dramatic 6-year-old that graces our presence every day. Needless to say, this momma has her hands full daily.


How We Handle Strep ‘Round Here

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So everyone in our church has been battling strep. It has finally made it’s way to us. My youngest who is 3 was just diagnosed today. While she seems fine other than her fever, I’m in full-on mom panic mode. I’m basically bathing everyone is purell (kidding, but we are using it frequently). I actually considered Googling to see if it is safe to drink. ( again kidding). But in all honesty, how many moms and dads can relate to that feeling of sheer panic when a child comes home with a highly contagious illness? I know I’m not alone. Everyone’s bedding has been changed and all blankies are being washed. I have Lysoled every inch of my house and bleached any other nooks and crannies. I’m serious when I say I despise illness. I am definitely “that mom” when my kid coughs, I’m like okay first of all everyone line up and take your airbourne….then get in the car we are headed to the ER. (maybe I’m not that extreme) However, I do take illness very serious and I try with everything I have not to spread it through every family member. It’s hard when the said ill child is a teething toddler who puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. (Lord Jesus give me strength) Any who I was curious to see how other mommy’s and daddy’s handle when their babies get sick so I decided to pull some resources and give some tips and tricks to help your child feel better and perhaps keep the sick bugs from spreading (NOTE: I AM NOT A DOCTOR)

Here’s A Few things I found to be quite helpful

  1. For my oily friends……THIEVES essential oil

How to Use

Topical: Dilute 1 drop with 4 drops of V-6™ or olive oil. Test on small area of skin on underside of arm. Apply to desired area as needed.

Aromatic: Diffuse up to 10 minutes 3 times daily.

Thieves essential oil uses:

  • Refresh musty carpets by adding 5 drops of Thieves to a cup of baking soda; combine well and let sit overnight until the oil is absorbed. Sprinkle over carpets and vacuum thoroughly.
  • Diffuse 6–8 drops of Thieves to help create an environment of peace and security. Customize your Thieves experience by adding a few drops of Orange, Tangerine, or Nutmeg essential oil.
  • Put in a few drops of Thieves essential oil blend in your dishwater or dishwasher to thoroughly clean dishes and eliminate odor.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place.

It is one of my favorite go-to products when my anyone in my home is feeling under the weather.

I took that excerpt directly from the YoungLiving Website. Here’s a link if you want to try it out! http://


2. Honey, Lemon tea

I make a mixture of hot tea and add 1 tablespoon of raw honey

and fresh squeezed lemon. The honey and lemon work together to fight the bacteria as well as coat the throat to provide relief from the sore throat. This mixture has helped my family on numerous occasions to fight this yucky illness.

3. Place Raw Onion in every room of your house

This one is an old wives tale that has been passed down in my family for many generations. While it may seem crazy to some, IT WORKS! I’m telling you it helps get rid of the illness in just a couple of days. I’m sold! Thanks old wives!!!!


C-Section: You Have A Voice

A little over six years ago, I was pregnant with my first child and headed into the hospital to be induced (if you can avoid this, do). I came in on a Sunday evening and the doctors gave me some meds and I slept. The following morning I would be induced to give birth to my sweet baby girl. We were excited, nervous, scared, fearful, and anxious (you know basically experiencing every emotion possible). Morning came and the process was started. To start off my awesome (sarcasm) experience, they stuck me four, count it I said 4! Times before they got my I.V. going properly. I suppose in hindsight, that should have been my red flag. Next up, the anesthesiologist arrived to give me the goods! However, here comes hiccup numero dos. Here I am this whale of a human leaning over the side of a hospital bed waiting for said Dr. to jab a GIANT needle into my spine. Nope no anxiety here, none whatsoever. Not only did I have the rudest nurse on the planet trying to shove my head between my knees (mind you, still a whale), I must have been blessed with the dumbest anesthesiologist on this planet. Attempt number one ended with me laying back with an oxygen mask on, apparently I nearly lost consciousness.


At this point, I’m ready to call it a day and just keep the baby in there forever. But the fun didn’t stop there! We finally managed to get the epidural going and everything was just peachy. I can see the massive contractions happening but the magic medicine is keeping me from feeling those bad boys. Thank ya Jesus!!! Fast-forward somewhere between hour 10-20 (not exactly sure here…give me a break I’m in labor) flashback to super intelligent anesthesiologist, dude did not set up the medicine drip accurately. So now here we are dilated to 5cm, full on contracting in labor. Now I know some women do this with no meds, sorry I’m not that tough. At this point, I’m in tears crying for my mommy (let’s face it, you’re never too old for mommy). Thank God she was staying about 10 minutes from the hospital at my Aunt’s house! Again, thank ya Jesus!!! Meanwhile, as I’m waiting on mom to come to my rescue (my poor husband during all of this), it took six nurses, yes I said 6 to figure out how to fix the epidural drip so I could go back to the happy land of sunshine and rainbows.

    Finally, I am back to my happy place of no pain. Now, we’ve entered day two this is the wee hours of Tuesday morning. It’s been several hours now and I have made no progress. Those of you who know what I’m talking about, this is not good. I hadn’t dilated any further and it was time to let the doctor know my status. Well Doc decided he would check on me around 6AM. He said let’s give it a couple more hours and if there is no progress made, we may have to consider a c-section. Well naturally that was the last thing we wanted to hear. Every mom goes in with the perfect birth plan and hoping for a smooth, natural birth. Well 7:45 AM rolls around and Doctor says baby’s heart rate has dropped a little and it has him concerned. I still haven’t progress which means baby is in distress. He checked me once more and said he could feel baby stuck in the birth canal and could tell she wasn’t coming down.


    Now chaos ensues. At least that’s how it felt to me at the time. Doctor makes the call and says let’s prep for surgery. Not exactly what I want to hear but at this point, I’m way past ready to meet my daughter. For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing an emergency c-section. It’s quite different from a scheduled one. They pumped full of pain medicine and got my husband and I ready to head into surgery. I’m so out of it from all the medicines that this part of the story is a little fuzzy. Thankfully my husband was present and fully aware of everything going on. He told me it was really quick process which I know to be true because from the time he made the decision at 7:45 to the time I had her was not long at all. My sweet baby girl entered the world at 8:20 AM! She was 9 pounds and 6 ounces and 20 inches long. I wish I could tell you that the fun was over but it wasn’t. After they got me all stitched up from surgery, I got to go back to the room and see my child. Unfortunately, I was strung out from all the pain meds that I could barely hold my eyes open long enough to see her. My husband got to experience all the firsts with her. He held her first, changed her first diaper, he even fed her first because I was not conscious enough to breastfeed.

  I’m not telling this story to scare anyone but perhaps to empower someone. I was a first time parent that was experiencing all of this for the first time and no one told me I had a voice. I should have never been induced, I should have spoken up when things weren’t going like they should have been, and I should have spoken up after the fact. No mother should have to experience childbirth like that. It should be a happy time and it wasn’t and that is something I can never get back. However, I can speak up now and tell others to put your foot down if the doctor is doing something you don’t want. (as long as no one’s health is in danger). I feel like doctors use c-section as a scapegoat to 1. Make the process go faster and get it over with and 2. Make more money because surgery costs more than a vaginal birth. My advice for mothers-to-be is do your research and have a plan!